word.play CONTENT license AGREEMENT

This is a license agreement between you and word.play that explains how you can use poems that you license from us. By downloading content from us, you accept the terms of this agreement.

What types of license does word.play offer? word.play offers one license model: royalty-free.

Comp license: You are welcome to use content from the word.play site on a complimentary basis for test or sample (composite or comp) use only.

How can I use licensed content? You may use licensed content in any way consistent with the rights granted by your country.



There are no refunds as we do everything in our power not to take money from authors. A refund would mean just that. Instead, think about your licensing and sponsorhips and make final decisions before buying.

Restricted Uses.

No Unlawful Use.

No False Representation of Authorship.

Intellectual Property Rights.

Indemnity clause: You must not sue us. In particular due to the interpretation of content on this site!

Who owns the content? All the licensed content is owned by the Author. This also means that the author is responsible for their own content.

While not legally binding, please give attribution to the poem.


Authors set pricing on their works.

For sponsorships, there are standard allotments that should prove livable to the authors and produce living wages - the point of word.dance, if you wish to sponsor more or less than those amounts, you may wish to contact the poet directly.

Word.dance will separate 8% of proceeds to cover transaction fees and keep the lights on. This may change at any time, but won't likely.